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Senior Non-KeyExpert for planning and programming in Public Finance Management sub-sector

1.1       Background to the Assignment

PPF’s main goal is to support and reinforce the capacities of the Serbian administration in the planning, programming and implementation of the EU funds. PPF 7’s overall objective is to is to assist the Serbian administration to effectively manage EU integration and pre-accession assistance in order to speed up preparations for EU membership through (project purpose) supporting the planning and preparation of a strategic and policy framework for pre-accession/accession assistance and the development of mature projects with a full set of project documentation in accordance with EU procedures for Programming and Procurement Rules.

It is known that the rules governing the management of the EU funds within the EU are complex and robust. Candidate countries are always advised to start early preparations for the management of EU funds. This requires effective institutions, strong human capacities, as well as established and sound administrative and legal procedures. 

This project aims to provide Technical Assistance the Ministry of European Integration and relevant sector line Ministries, agencies and other stakeholders for the programming of IPA Funds, building capacity for the administration of the Funds, and supporting the development of two robust and relevant investment projects.

1.2       Purpose

The purpose of this project, and the expert assignment, is to assist MEI/Departmentfor Planning, programming/NIPAC TS in IPA planning and programming, provide sector strategic advice, to revise existing and prepare new sector planning documents as required by MEI and associated action documents as well as support the NAD revision for the Public Finance Management sub-sector. 

1.3       Results to be achieved by the Consultant

  1. Policy matrix prepared for the Public Finance Management sub- sector
  2. NAD revised/updated for the sector 
  3. Sector Planning Documents revised/updated for the sector
  4.  Results of Ad-Hoc requests as agreed with Team Leader in writing                


2.1       General

The expert, under the guidance of the project Team Leader and in collaboration with the KE2, expert team and Ministry of European Integration of Serbia, will be responsible for providing strategic advice and assistance to MEI/ Department staff as well as relevant Institutions in the PFM sector on IPA planning and programming and preparation/revision/ updating of relevant programming documents such as SPD, AD, including SRC, and NAD. The expert will perform his/her assignment applying a “learning by doing “approach.

2.2       Specific Activities

The expert will perform the following activities:

  • Desk review of relevant sector strategy (s) and other relevant document for that particular sector
  • Provide strategic advice to MEI and LMs in developing policy matrix for the sector
  • Support MEI/LMs for the organisation of meetings with Sector Working Groups and follow up
  • Support to revision/Preparation of Sector Planning Documents 
  • Support to revision of NAD for the specific sector
  • Support MEI in the organisation of meetings with Lead and other donors in the sector
  • Support MEI staff in the organisation of ad-hoc sector consultation meetings
  • Activities of ad-hoc requests as agreed with the TL in writing


  1. Support the development of a Concept note on strategic approach/guidance for the sector
  2. Policy matrix 
  3.  Completion of the situation analysis for the PFM sector and a list of priority measures for the NAD
  4. Workshop(s) with MEI ,LMs and other involved institutions
  5. Coaching and on the job training
  6.  As agreed in ad-hoc requests

2.3       Target group

The direct beneficiaries of the project are the Ministry of European Integration Serbia, Department forplanning and programming/NIPAC TS which will be the key stakeholder in the implementation of project tasks as well as the relevant institutions in thesector. The assistance aims to reinforce the capacities of the Serbian administration in the IPA planning and programming.


3.1      Location

The operational base for the project is Belgrade, however there may be a requirement to travel to selected municipalities throughout Serbia.

3.2      Commencement date & period of execution

The consultant will perform the tasks in period between June 2018 – March 2019, however the programming cycle is expected to go beyond these initial dates and thus it is expected that the TOR will be extended to reflect the future needs. At this stage up to 50 Senior Non Key Expert days are allocated to these set of activities. Should they not be required in full for the tasks listed at this stage tasks can be added or indeed days can be re-allocated per administrative order.  


4.1      Personnel

The Senior Non-Key Expertwill be expected to meet the following requirements:

Qualifications and skills

  1. A bachelor’s degree inEconomicsor other field relevant to the assignment;
  2. Master degree in relevant field would be an advantage
  3. Knowledge of Serbian language
  4. At least 5 years of experience in EU and/or other donors funded capacity building programme/projects in the PFM sector:
    • Experience in analysis and review of istitutional and strategic framework of the sector or its one or more sub sectors.
    • Experience on sectoral approach and budget support would be an asset

5.     REPORTS

5.1      Reporting requirements

Before the end of the assignment, the Senior NKEwill provide the Technical Assistance Team Leader with the following:

  1. Mission reports
  2. Signed timesheet

Applications are to be provided through the section Contact.

Deadline for applications is 20 June 2018. 

Andrija Pejovicjobs, PPF7