Portfolio of projects


 Project Preparation Facility 8

The purpose of this contract is to assist Serbian administration in preparing transport and environment infrastructure projects and bring these projects to the stage of readiness which would ensure efficient and effective absorption and management of EU pre-accession funds

The Contract will provide assistance in:

  • Preparing technical documentation for minimum two infrastructure projects in transport and environment sectors to be financed under IPA 2014-2020 programmes, in accordance with Serbian legal requirements and EU standards and norms;
  • Strengthening capacities related to preparation and implementation of the infrastructure projects of the main stakeholders in transport and environment sectors through implementation of tailored capacity building programme.  



 Technical Assistance for Project Preparation of Investment Projects

The purpose of this Contract is to strengthen technical and administrative capacity of the Serbian administration in relation to the European integration process and enhance effective and efficient management and absorption of EU pre-accession funds, with the special emphasis on development and preparation of energy and environment infrastructure projects. 

The expected outcomes are following: 

  • Support to Beneficiaries to select infrastructure projects from Single project pipeline which will be supported through this contract by preparation of necessary project documentation. 

  • Preparation of technical documentation (e.g. Pre-feasibility and/or Feasibility study and Cost benefit analysis, Environmental Impact Assessment Study, Technical designs - General design and/or Preliminary designs and/or Main designs) and Tender dossier (if necessary and feasible) for financially viable infrastructure projects from energy and environment sectors envisaged for financing under IPA 2014-2020 EU pre-accession assistance. 


Technical Assistance to the Serbian Authorities for the Management of Pre-Accession Assistance

The purpose of the Project is sound financial management and absorption of EU pre-accession funds within the current and new financial perspective and strengthens capacity of the National Fund and Operating Structures under decentralised management modaliy.

Result 1: To bring NF, CFCU and other relevant institutions involved in programming and implementation of EU pre-accession assistance to higher level of management performance within Decentralised Management system and to align with the requirements of the future financial perspective.

Result 2: Improved institutional capacity for the management of IPA Component V with regard to NF and IPARD Operating Structure and in line with the financial perspective 2014-2020.



Project Preparation Facility (PPF5)

Project Preparation Facility (PPF5), is providing TA support to the Serbian European Integration Office (SEIO), which acts as the technical secretariat for the National IPA Coordinator (NIPAC), in preparing the strategic and policy framework for pre-accession assistance, as well as in drafting the programming documents for IPA I and IPA II, ensuring that the Government administration dealing with IPA are properly trained and aware of possible evolution and changes in the pre-accession instrument. It provides the Serbian administration with efficient technical assistance for demand driven programming and the preparation of projects/programmes to be implemented by EU pre-accession funds.  

PPF5 directly supports the technical secretariat of the National IPA Coordinator (NIPAC), and the line ministries and other key stakeholders in the preparation of programming documents and major projects for funding under the Instrument for Pre-Accession (IPA).  

Project Purposes

  • To support the drafting of strategic and policy framework for pre-accession assistance      
  • To support the creation of mature projects with a full set of project documentation in accordance with EU procedures for programming and procurement rules