Key Development priorities.

Areas of Expertise



We contribute to the efficiency, accountability and transparency of public administration and the quality of service delivery, as well as establishment of administrative and institutional capacities for the efficient carrying out of accession negotiations and for fulfilling the requirements of EU membership. We also improve capacities and quality of the implementation of institutional reforms to ensure principles of the rule of law.

We provide support for effective and efficient management and absorption of EU pre-accession funds and strengthened technical and administrative capacity of the Serbian administration through design of IPA programming and planning documents, Sector Planning Documents, Action Documents and Sector Reform Contracts; introduction of indirect management of EU funds and its sustainable functioning; appropriate training related to development of financially viable and ready for implementation infrastructure projects in line with the Single Project Pipeline concept. 


Our efforts are focused to strengthening the ability of the economic policy makers to implement policies and legislation complying with the EU Acquis in order to support competitiveness as an engine for economic growth. We provide direct support to small and medium size enterprises, Universities, Institutes in better access to finance, especially EU Programmes (e.g. Horizon 2020, Cosme etc.) through high quality advisory support. In addition, we provide support to the ongoing education reform aiming to improve the quality, equity, and relevance of education and training system. Our work is advancing social inclusion and reintegration of marginalized and vulnerable populations through enhancing education and social welfare measures and effective community services. The activities resulting in increased capacities of municipalities to attract investments, support business and social development and create new jobs are important element of our work. 


We address the multitude of perspectives and challenges facing the rural and agricultural sector today. Our focus is on providing consultancy services in agricultural production development, introduction of various standards in primary agricultural production as well as in food and feed processing. In primary agricultural production our scopes are GLOBALG.A.P. and ORGANIC standards, and regarding food processing HACCP, ISO 22000, FSSC, BRS, IFS as most wanted food safety standards. For most of clients who invest in agriculture additional help is needed in following areas:

  • investment projects and business plans;

  • fruit and vegetable plantation establishing projects and production plans;

  • plant protection and fertilisation programs;

  • purchasing of equipment and inputs;

  • application on government co-financing programs and grants;

  • preparation of applications and full documentation required for EU IPARD programme for agriculture and food industry.